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Create joyful living by having the right ambience to suit the occasion throughout the home


Stay cosy or cool, with the peace of mind your energy usage will be as cost-efficient as possible.  Our Smart Energy & Climate options can encompass Heating & Cooling Control, MVHR integration, Solar Panel & Battery Monitoring, Load & Energy Management, as well as Humidity, & Air quality monitoring.  GHS can help plan your optimal Smart Energy solution for both your health and wealth.

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Feel safe and secure when approaching, entering or being in your space.


There are a number of benefits, as well as a strong preference by many to stay in their own home, rather than move into a  residential care home.  It makes sense to future proof your home with smart technology to create peace of mind for yourself and loved ones alike.

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Reliable technologies for optimal self-care from Air Quality management & Circadian Rhythm & Night mode focussed lighting.

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Changing the way we live now and in the future for the better

We founded Go Home Smart with one goal in mind to create harmony and enhance safety by transforming our everyday living spaces. We aim to seamlessly integrate high-quality, smart technology into daily life.

Our experience is built from over 34 years in the Oil & Gas industry planning, designing, project managing and commissioning control and monitoring systems for complex offshore drilling rigs.  Reliable and smart technology has been key drivers in what we’ve delivered for years, along with quality of service and client support.  These remain constant for us, we value quality of service highly and take this into our onshore projects and client interfaces.

As automation system designers and integrators we have years of system experience to offer. We know that every function counts, simplicity is key, and we strive to make your automated space work efficiently for you.

Go Home Smart has reliable, future proof solutions.   We look to answer your needs for Smart Energy, Assisted Living or Ambience Scene Setting or Security. 

If you think we can add value to your project please reach out to us, we'd love to connect.

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As a Loxone certified partner we have developed the know-how & expertise to offer a complete automated solution with intuitive control.  Suitable for Smart Homes, Hotels, Commercial and Custom applications. 

In Loxone's words "We are convinced: The Real Smart Home is a home that instinctively knows what to do, not a collection of gimmicks leaving you overwhelmed. An intelligent home, in which technology is kept in the background, relieves you of most of the tasks related to safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. It makes life easier and gives you back the only irretrievable thing: Time."  An ethos that is the back bone of our Intelligent Living vision.

At our show home you can experience Loxone first hand, by 'test-driving' a smart home, for an hour, a day, maybe a weekend break or even a weeks relaxation in the heart of Moray.

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