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The right ambience with intelligent living creates joy.  By creating scenes with home automation that match the occasion throughout the home and time of day, settings can be tailored automatically to give delight day-to-day, & remove the continual resetting of lights, lamps and dimmers!  Welcome intelligent living into your home to experience the luxury of your home welcoming you and working with you throughout the day.

At Go Home Smart we know from first-hand experience the importance of functional, task lighting through to a relaxed, muted atmosphere.  Our project gallery demonstrates the tasteful spaces we deliver and the interior design we can support you with.



Coastal Vibes and Cosy Hideaway

This home can be used in different ways depending on the season - from light, airy, bright social spaces for cooking, dining, relaxing and connecting with outdoors in Summer months. Through to the cosy winter nights when a roaring fire and muted cosiness is a must.

Motion-based scene-setting lighting delivered on many aspects.  Subtle skirting LED lighting creates softness and safe passage for night and winter cosy feel.  Functional high CRI index lights ensure cooking and tabletop working is enjoyable.   Well placed LED were also installed to 'throw' ambient light for evening, social and celebratory occasions.   Zoned heating delivers comfort and cost efficiency, as well as automated shading in key rooms for ease of use. 

We are delighted with the overall look and feel but more importantly have received great user feedback for both its tasteful finish and the intelligent living is a joy to live within.