• Louise Creane-Smith

How can your Home provide a warm welcome with Access Control?

A Warm Welcome...

Every time someone arrives home, your smart home should do more than simply grant you access. For example, when the first member of the family arrives home, their individual access authentication should disarm the alarm and bring the lights on with your preferred mood lighting and your preferred playlist or radio station playing.

Access Control Features

Access control can be achieved with an access keypad, we recommend the NFC touch. As well as keypad access this also integrates with Smart key fobs.

Video and two-way communication can be included via an intercom at the gates or front door. A notification can be sent to all nominated tablets or smartphones when someone presses the doorbell, as well as it triggering internal lights or speakers.

Separately, access can also be granted using permanent, one-time and time-based access codes entered via the keypad. Depending on the code, this can initiate different modes such as unset the alarm; unlock the front door, and turn on lighting.

Codes can be managed by the homeowner from within the app.

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