• Louise Creane-Smith

How to create a Luxury Integrated Sleep Package in your Smart Home

As part of our Loxone showhome, we carefully considered how to integrate the function of smart tech to enhance the comfort of the bedroom. The top priority of any bedroom is to create a restful retreat that will enhance the quality of your night sleep, yet can become a practical space as you prepare for the day or evening ahead.

Function with the comfort

Our Integrated Sleep Package consists of a luxury hotel quality, deep comfort bed with integrated tread lighting used for both night mode & selected scenes, this gives a gentle and safe passage if moving about during the night. The last thing you need is to stub your foot, or startle yourself awake with a harsh light

An alarm clock integration with programmable lighting options gives a soft nighttime glow or functional reading lights. The alarm night light is also the Loxone switch standard, enabling the full room to be switched off from the comfort of your bed, as well as shading and music to be controlled. We recommend only bedside lighting is switched from this point.

The wall-mounted headboard furniture has integrated lighting to create a wonderful ambience for your retreat from the world, as well as being able to replace a typical bedside light fixture.

Central lighting controlled from the wall switch or motion during the day can use the full spectrum of white light and has a high CRI index rating ensuring the bright lighting is as close to day light as possible, ideal for hair, makeup and dressing.

If you have questions on any aspect of our sleep package get in touch via hello@gohomesmart.co.uk

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