• Louise Creane-Smith

What method can be effective to reduce the risk to public health from Covid & airborne viruses?

“Effective ventilation is a key public health measure to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading and is of increasing importance during autumn and winter as people spend more time indoors.”

reference www.gov.scot

Implementing an effective venting system is a strong, proactive step in providing an optimised healthy environment for employees, customers, and visitors alike, giving everyone peace of mind now and in the future.

In addition to the unquestionable health benefits, a control-based ventilation system can be marginally added to, to embrace smart energy, its usage and more, giving a positive ripple effects throughout your business too.

The first thought of ventilation, particularly in colder months could be the assumption of soaring heating costs, or the inability to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. Both of which can be mitigated and addressed when implementing your business ventilation plan. Smart energy controls and efficient use of energy means costs can be kept to a minimum which can be critical to businesses in today’s environment. Notifications can maximise ambient temperature and trigger automated ventilation and heat recovery options.

Ventilation can be implemented or improved in your business by looking at some of the following options:

  • Carbon dioxide monitors, stand-alone or networked with a central display, alarming and even automated controls

  • Heat recovery systems integrated with ventilation

  • Door & Window Contacts

  • Automated Velux or similar windows, including remote access control for authorised users

  • Wellness parameter monitoring

Go Home Smart can review your business needs to provide a defined solution. It is NICEIC Approved and can also complete the certified installation of your business ventilation solution as well.

There is the potential that the ventilation system and associated works could well be covered by the upcoming Business Ventilation Fund from the Scottish Government, this can reimburse the full cost up to a specified limit.

To engage please reach out to us at Go Home Smart below or learn more about the fund with the useful links below.



Applications open 3pm 23 November 2021.

The fund, with pre-approval, will allow eligible businesses to claim back costs to improve ventilation (up to £2500). Details and terms for applications can be found in the link above, it is free to apply.

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