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The Importance of Lighting at Home

Lighting is an essential feature of any living space yet is most often an afterthought when designing or decorating. Having the flexibility to create the appropriate lighting scene has the power to enrich your well-being, increase productivity, as well as inspire and motivate.

The combination of different light sources within a room can change the atmosphere with the simple interactions between light and dark. Every room has a different function, shape, décor and natural ambient light. Design plans should encompasses all of these attributes.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting or ‘mood’ lighting uses colour, temperature and brightness to create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere, not too intense, but balanced and evenly distributed throughout the room. The colour temperature is typically between 2000 – 3500 Kelvin and should provide enough light for ease of movement and performing simple tasks.

Dimming also has an important function for creating the right level of brightness appropriate for the time of day and task in hand.

A very important feature when selecting the appropriate type of lighting is the CRI (colour rendering index). This is a measurement of how colours look under a light source when compared with natural sunlight. Lights with higher CRI (>80) will render colours more accurately giving many benefits.

Task Lighting

Task lighting as implied by its name should provide a sufficient level of light for working, preparing meals, reading, hobbies etc. Depending on the activity or even a person’s age, selection of the appropriate lighting type and placement within a room is essential to minimise glare and prevention of eye strain. A typical colour temperature between 3500 – 5000 Kelvin and a CRI >90 would be appropriate. Brighter lights with a 300-900 Lumen output are preferred.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to emphasise a focal point within a room. This could be art or an architectural feature such as alcoves, cornices, fireplaces, plants etc. This type of lighting is directional and usually 3 to 5 times brighter than ambient lighting.

Our Approach

At GHS we have an extensive portfolio of lighting types to create the perfect lighting solutions. Integrated with the Loxone Smart Home Automation, you now have the opportunity to create beautiful lighting with the flexibility to match all of your needs.

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